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Polyamid (NYLON )

Plastic Type Thermoplastic
Melting Point 190-350 0C
Density 1,13- 1,35/1,41 g/cm3
Tensile Strength  90-185 N/mm2
Max. Use Temperature 150-185 0C
Dielectric constant 3,4-3,6 @1MHz
Resistance (ohm/cm) PA 6  5x1012
PA6,6 1013

Polyamid also known as Nylon ( trade name given by DuPont ) finds it's use in cable production industry as isolation material.  First Polyamid was discovered 1931. First mass production begun  in 1938 in USA. It was   PA 6,6 at first.  Later in 1940'S PA 6 was developed in Germany.  Polyamid today comes in different grades such as PA6-PA6,6-PA6,12-  PA4,6-PA12-PA11 etc.  Polyamid comes in different forms. Granules for extrusion.
Polyamid is used in coaxial and communication cables because of its' high dielectric constant.  Polyamide also has high level of chemical resistance. This is the reason polyamid is preferred as jacketing material in such environments.  PA is highly flammable.