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Copper Clad Aluminium  Wire ( CCA )

Bi-metal wire which is combination of Aluminium and Copper.  Aluminium as core and copper claded over it.  Definitely lighter and cheaper than pure copper.  Stronger than Aluminium.  CCA was a replacement for Aluminium wire in power distribution.  By using CCA instead one can overcome Connection point problems where Aluminium wire is weak. Light weight and cost effective Aluminium was enhanced when combined with good electrical properties of copper.  For Power cables CCA is a good replacement for pure Aluminium but not for pure copper.  CCA  wire is a good choice  for high frequency signal transmission with the magical help of  Skin Effect. Yet it is not the best choice. Use of CCA wire still has disadvantages.  

Applications: CCA wire is used in power cables,   RF coaxial cables, CATV and mini coaxial cables, telephone drop lines , LAN cables. In coaxial cables ; CCA is used as inner conductor and braiding wire.  CCA as inner conductor as good as pure copper for high frequency applications such RG 6 etc.. Cheaper and lighter than pure copper as well.  Telephone cables made with CCA highly cost effective and lightweight compare to solid copper cable but CCA is not resistant to tensile strength as CCS. CCA wire most commonly used in LAN cables.  Cost affective for sure but quality wise, there are still concerns.

Advantages :


Quality Measures: CCA wire is categorized by its's copper volume ratio.  10%  is starting point for a good quality product.  It can be as high as 30% copper by Volume.