Handbook  of  Cable & Wire  Producer

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Steel Wire

Density : 8,00 gr/cm3  (0,29lb/in3)

Steel wire is used in cable production for three (3) main purposes: suspension (reinforcement) , armouring, braiding.  Its' high tensile strength, hardness against mechanical stress makes steel wire an essential element in cable production.

 Steel Wire as suspension wire: Because of its' high tensile strength steel wire is essential as suspension wire. From Over-head power distribution to submersible power distribution, from Pole to pole telephone wiring to submersible data transmission lines steel wire has wide area of use in cable industry.  It can be stranded together with conductive wire -for example ACSR cable- where the main aim is reinforcement or it can be stranded with insulated cable core under jacket insulation.  Aerial telefon and LAN cables has a steel wire rope at side , too. In picture above ; Category5e aerial cable with stainless steel suspension rope insulated iwth cable core at side.

Steel Wire as armouring:  Any type of cable ( telephone, power, control, etc ) that needs mechanical protection has steel wire armouring underneath the jacket insulation unless there is a possiblity of electromagnetic interference because steel wire is magnetic.  Underground applications or ducting. Steel wire armouring is used under jacket insulation.  Wire structure and lay-out positionning may be different in various standards.  Armouring with square cross sectioned flat wire  with ovelapped galvanized steel tape is standard in one country. Meanwhile ,It would be  galvanized round wire in another country. 

Steel wire as braiding wire:  In low voltage control and  instrumentation cables, stainless steel wire is used as braiding wire. By using steel wire braiding cable core is protected againt mechanical stress and laso braiding is used for earth wire as well.